Bead & Wire Earrings

Here are the earrings I am taking to the Tennessee Art League to hopefully sell in the store!






Here are a few items that I will enter into a juried show and hopefully they will get in!  And getting sold would be nice, too : )




Summer Fresh

What says summer better than fresh tomatoes?  2 slices of bread and pass the mayo & salt!  Enjoy!DSC_0033

Challenge Painting

StoponRedI found this blog called Different Stroked FROM Different Folks.  I worked on this painting as part of that process. I love this site because it is one picture and many different artist interpretations of that subject.  It allows me permission to have my painting look like me.  There is great freedom in putting something out in the public arena that hasn’t been seen before!  Here is what I will submit today!

Enjoying the Process

After a retreat this weekend, I became increasingly aware that in many areas of my life I get focused on the outcome and lose the joy of the process.  That is especially true in my art.  My art teacher has a saying that applies here, “It’s better to be pleasingly inaccurate than irritatingly correct.”  I have struggled on the irritating side of things lately so I decided to make a big attempt to loosen up.  Yesterday I painted these roses as loose as I could with a brush:

dsc026171I like the painting (because I enjoyed the process and that’s what I see when looking at this one) but I wanted to be more expressive and looser.  So I painted one painting entirely with a pallet knife.  It is OK and isn’t pictured here.  It was the catalyst for this next painting though!  I came home from church and worked at this one until I decided I didn’t have any more to say.  It is painted with a brush for the under painting, then pallet knife for the remainder.  I am very happy with this one because of the freedom I enjoyed in the process.  I am just beginning to break free of orderly constraints!  When I look at it tomorrow, I may need to add something, but that’s another day…


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